Ramadan Clothes Collection Roundup

Ramadan Clothes Collection Roundup

“Is there any reward for good other than good”

Surah Rahman, Ayat 60

At Noor Ul Islam, we extend our sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for your generous contributions to our recent clothes collection supported by Islamic Relief.

The outpouring of support and generosity we received from you all has been truly remarkable. Your donations have not only filled our collection bins but have also filled the hearts of those who will benefit from your kindness.

It is inspiring to witness the impact that can be made when a Muslim community comes together for a common cause. Your selflessness and compassion have made a real difference in the lives of individuals and families in need.

Please know that your donations have been gratefully received and will be sold and distributed to those who need them most. Your contributions will provide warmth, comfort, and dignity to those facing challenging circumstances.

As we move forward, let us continue to nurture this spirit of giving and compassion after Ramadan. Together, we can create a brighter and more caring world for all.

Once again, thank you for your generosity and support.