1 Dec 2020 | 16 Rabi Al Thani 1442
Maghrib Jama’at

4:00 pm

1 Hours 5 Minutes
Begins6:04 am7:43 am11:54 am2:08 pm3:58 pm5:32 pm
Jama’at6:45 am1:00 pm2:45 pm4:00 pm6:35 pm
Jumu’ah 12:15


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SINCE 1990

Noor Ul Islam

Noor Ul Islam have been providing services to communities in East London for nearly 30 years. Our masjid where we hold regular classes, youth activities and lectures with scholars and special speakers is the backbone of our work.


But, we are much more than just a masjid. Since 1990 we have been a social and religious hub that has provided a wide range of activities and services for the entire community. During the last 30 years our programs have grown to meet their needs. However, today our lack of space and outdated facilities mean that we are struggling to provide all the services that people desperately need.

Rear elevation of new building


Project Rebuild

We started this construction to serve all – a project we like to call ‘Project Rebuild’.

The redevelopment of our masjid and community centre is vital for the local communities that we support. Alhumdulillah today through generous donations and interest free loans we have raised over £7.5m of our total budget. But we need your support to raise the final £5m and complete our vision.


Inspired by Prophet's (PBUH) Mosque

Over 1,400 years ago during the time of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), the mosque was the centre of the community and its role was to develop the best of society. The needs of every person were taken care of by the masjid, regardless of their age, gender, race or economic position.


The new Noor Ul Islam Masjid and centre has been inspired by the Prophet’s (pbuh) mosque. We want to deliver the same space for our community and benefit not only today’s generation but those in the future too. We ask for your continued donations, prayers and support to help us make our vision a reality.

Watch how Kohi Noor Wall will appear


Kohi Noor Wall

Alhamdulillah we are pleased to bring you details of a wonderful installation in our new building called the “Kohi Noor Wall”. This will be a wall recognising the donors who have given money as part of this appeal.


You can have your name or the name of a loved one, engraved on a flexiglass slide that will be installed in the main foyer of our new building.

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