Pre-School Admissions

Our admissions policy ensures a fair system is in place when allocating places at the pre-school.


When to apply:

Noor Ul Islam Pre-School is a provision for 3 and 4 year old children. However, parents can complete an application form for their child to be placed on our waiting list as soon as their child reaches the age of 2.  We have a very long waiting list so we ask parents to be patient whilst waiting for a place at the setting. 


Application forms can be picked up from the pre-school, or downloaded and printed off from here, and must be returned to the pre-school fully completed when your child is 2 years of age or over. Any applications received before a child is 2 years old will be discarded.

All application forms will be acknowledged with a letter sent to the child’s home address. Please keep this letter as proof of your application. 

Parents are requested to ensure they keep the pre-school administrator informed of any changes to their contact details.

Download an application form: Pre School Application form.

Download Pre-School Prospectus: Prospectus for Parent



When a place is available for a child, the pre-school administrator will contact the child’s parents/carers. Once the place is accepted parents/carers will be invited in for an induction meeting where they will be asked to complete the registration forms and bring in proof of ID. Once all the paperwork has been processed the parents/carers will be given a start date for the child. 


Stay ‘n’ Play Sessions:

Once a child is registered with the pre-school, parents/carers have the option to bring them into the pre-school for Stay ‘n’ Play sessions before the child’s start date. Each session costs £2 and every child attending must be accompanied by an adult. Attending Stay ‘n’ Play sessions helps the transition to pre-school for children and eases the settling-in process for children and parents.