Quraan Hall

Every so often Allaah blesses some of our students with fantastic recitation of His Holy Book.  We will upload their recitals here inshaa Allaah so as to encourage all of our students to try hard in learning the Quraan.

Islamic Studies

Audio Bridge to Quraan

 In our endeavour to raise the standards of our children’s reading of the Holy Quraan the Islamic Studies department has developed the “Audio Bridge to Quraan”. The original booklet form was introduced to improve the fluency of children who had finished the Qaaidah. We found that the transition from Qaaidah to Quraan was too big for most children to cope with. Fluency between two words is slowly built up progressively to three, four, five, six and seven words without stuttering pausing or breathing. In this version you can click on the words to listen to Ustaadth Hussain recite them correctly.

School Council

Our School Council is an elected group of students, taken from each year in Key Stage 2. The purpose of the School Council is to represent the students’ views and opinions on a variety of issues and to be a forum for active and constructive student input into the daily life of the school community.


Our School Council benefits the whole school, students and adults, as it gives opportunities for them to communicate their feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made. This enables them to become partners in their own education.

Issues that might be discussed in the school council include:


• School rules and policies

• Activities before and after school

• Bullying

• School equipment

• School and community fundraising

• Facilities in school

• Community issues

Every student has the opportunity to participate in the activities of the School Council through discussions with the class representatives.


Student council representatives for 2018/2019 are:


Y1:   Khadijah Shah & Muhammad Hasan Ahmad


Y2:   Aa’isha Ghanty & Abdul – Haadi Amin


Y3:   Zahraa Mayet & Zakariya Said


Y4:   Aliyah Juanbocus & Haadi Khan


Y5:   Sara Inam & Yoosuf Hussain


Y6:   Salma Mohamud & Syed Ghayas Zaidi