Policies and Ofsted Report


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The school welcomes support from suitably qualified volunteers. Volunteers play an important role in helping the school achieve its aims.

The school provides a fantastic experience for those wishing to develop their working skills in a professional environment. Those who are interested in a future career in education will find volunteering at the school invaluable towards gaining some experience in working with children.

Generally the volunteer roles are based around working in the classroom or office work. The office roles involve providing general support to the school through the multi-faceted nature of a school office. You will need to be quick thinking and efficient to be part of this team!

The classroom roles provide direct experience of working with children. The role involves everything from supporting the teacher preparing classroom resources through to small group teaching or accompanying classes on trips. One thing we can guarantee is you will never find yourself with nothing to do!

Should you wish to volunteer we ask that you agree to support the school at least two days a week for two terms. You will be expected to treat the role in a professional manner and adhere to all the requirements of the role.

The school has to invest a significant amount of time to process and induct volunteers. We ask that you only apply if you are serious about volunteering for a significant amount of time and are committed to developing yourself in a professional environment.

Due to the significant responsibility involved in working with children, full training will be necessary in a number of areas prior to the commencement of work at the school. This induction process will take place over a number of days and will cover areas such as;

– Safeguarding
– Health and safety
– Behaviour management
– Professional conduct
– Supporting teaching and learning
– Basic ICT skills

Should you be unable to attend the induction sessions you will not be allowed to volunteer at the school.

Anyone interested in volunteering will have to complete the standard Noor Ul Islam Primary School Employment Application Form. Please ensure this is filled out fully and ensure there are no time periods unaccounted for in your work or education history.

This is important as part of our safeguarding checks.

Once you have completed the form please email the form with a covering letter to the school.

We have three main application windows for volunteers, September, January and April. The applications will be processed during these months and successful applicants will be called to interview.

All applications will need to be processed by this date and attendance at these sessions is compulsory.

As the school has a limited budget we ask that all volunteers pay for the DBS check which will need to be carried out. The office will be happy to explain the exact cost of the DBS check at the time of application.

We also accept students as part of their PGCE placement, Undergraduate degree, or other Level 2/3 courses. These types of placements fall outside of our normal volunteering deadlines. Anyone interested in completing a teaching block placement should contact the school directly.

We currently work with the University of East London and the University of Cumbria. However, students from other universities are welcome to contact the school.

Please contact us for further information regarding current volunteer positions.

We also work with a number of local schools providing work experience placements for them. Please contact the school directly or through your schools work experience co-ordinator to arrange a two week placement at the school.


The school is a part of the Noor Ul Islam Trust which runs also the local mosque and pre-school. The board of Trustees have delegated authority to the school’s board of governors. The governors are responsible for running the school. This is done through the Headteacher and his team of staff.

We treat each application on its merits. We cannot make any guarantee of place until the application process is complete.   

The pre-school is not a feeder school to the primary school. However additional points are awarded when scoring the admission list to those who attended the Noor Ul Islam Pre-school.

We feel it is of great importance that our pupils learn how to interact with those from other schools, especially non-Muslims. Therefore there is a plan to run different events which allows this to happen. We have close links with other local school as part of the 3 Faiths Forum which is made up of schools from various religions where we hold linking events and our children get to meet and work with children of other faiths and none. Our teachers also interact and visit other local schools as well as other Muslim faith schools.

There are on-going assessments throughout the school. Pupils at the end of Year 2 (age 7) are given an end of  Key Stage teacher assessment level. In Year 6 (age 11) pupils undertake the tests known as SATs. As an independent school our results are not included in any league table. However the school’s results together with national statistics are given for comparison. These tests are marked externally. Alhamdulillah our results have so far been above the local and national average. Please see our assessment summary for more information.

The school has teaching staff, assistants, Special Educational Needs staff, administrative staff, caretakers and managers. All staff are deemed to have relevant qualifications and/or experience.

The school does not promote one madhab over another. Staff at the school follow different schools of thought. We feel that at primary school age there is very little difference that children need to be aware of. However they are taught to respect the different schools of thought as long as the Quraan and Sunnah is followed.

We aim to teach the National Curriculum. We also teach Islamic Studies, Quran and Arabic throughout the week.

There is an admission form which must be completed and returned to school. You cannot register your child until they reach 3 years old. Applications received before this will result in the form being rejected. When a place becomes available all those on the admission list will be scored using our admission criteria. Parents of those at the top of the list will be invited to an interview and more information about the school given. If after this a place is officially offered, parents will have approximately a week to accept or decline the offer. Only when places are available and your child’s name is at the top of the list will we contact you.

The school academic year currently mirrors the calendar of local state schools, with 195 school days a year. However our school is usually closed for the end of Ramadhan and for the two Eids. Therefore some holidays are shorter than local state schools to compensate for the additional holidays.

Unfortunately the school receives no government funding. It is funded through donations and school fees. 

If a place is offered and you accept it then the Initial Registration fee (£500) must be paid within a specified time, usually one week. If a place is offered at the beginning of the academic year but not taken up at that point in time the child’s name will be taken off the waiting list. The school fees for the Reception class are £4900 per year (separate from the one-off registration fee). The school fees for the rest of the school are £3900 per year (separate from the one-off registration fee).

The school is open to both boys and girls form the age of four to 11 years old. Being a Muslim is not a prerequisite of attending.

The school is based at 135 Dawlish Road, Leyton, London E10 6QW. We are approximately 15 minutes walk away from Noor Ul Islam Trust and from the Leyton Underground Station. As part of our travel plan and push to promote “green” issues, we encourage visitors, staff and parents to walk or use public transport when going to school.