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Noor ul Islam is committed to providing beneficial services to the community. Please see our services below:

Civil Marriage & Nikah

Civil marriage is the legal way of registering your marriage in the UK. Once visiting your local registry office and receiving your license the marriage can be perform at Noor Ul Islam.


Download Civil Marriage Application form

Nikah is a Islamic marriage contract between a man and a woman. We have Imams available to perform the Nikah at our Masjid or at a external venue.

Download Nikah Application form

For more info please email or call 020 8558 0786

Funeral Services

We have acted as funeral directors and were able to arrange funerals for those living in East London. However as we are now in temporary accommodation, we are unable to provide a funeral service at the moment. We apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact us for more information or alternatively get in touch with your local mosque in your area or “Garden of Peace” during office hours on 020 8502 6000





Please contact the Noor Ul Islam office during office hours (Mon–Fri 9.00am-4.00pm) on 020 8558 0786 and 9:00am – 1:00pm (Sat).


The Funeral Service Emergency Number is 07951199349 available between 8.30am – 10.00pm.


Basic procedure


1) Phone Noor Ul Islam to discuss the possibility of holding the funeral.


2) If agreed, visit the Trust office to complete the Burial Application Form, giving authority for us to conduct funeral. Agree on the cemetery.


3) Ensure cause of death paper and death certificate have been obtained.


4) Provide assistance for the collection of the body and during the washing and shrouding of the body.


5) Perform Salaatul Janazah.


6) Bury the deceased at the agreed cemetery.

When we receive a call we will ascertain whether we are able to conduct the funeral. We rely on volunteers and therefore cannot guarantee that we will be able to conduct this. If we cannot, we will aim to provide you with details of other funeral directors that can help. Generally we will not be able to assist for funerals outside London.


If we are able to conduct the funeral we will ask 1 or 2 family members to come to the office to complete a Burial Application form, this gives us the authority to proceed with the funeral.

We will ask if a medical certificate stating Cause of death has been issued. Without this we will not be able to start arrangements.

If the cause of death has been established and the certificate has been given then the death needs to be registered as soon as possible. (Once the Cause of Death certificate has been signed by the doctor the family must get the death registered in the sub district in which the deceased died). The Registrar will issue a burial order. It is the family’s responsibility to obtain this important document. Without this the hospital will not release the body.

The burial certificate obtained (green paper) allows the burial to take place.


If the hospital has said that the deceased can be taken away then we will arrange for the body to be collected and taken for ghusl.

We will explain the whole procedure to the responsible person who has taken charge of events on behalf of the family. (This will be the next of kin or person with authority on behalf of the next of kin). We will provide basic counselling/advice to ensure they have sabr and they remain calm throughout the day.


We will ask them to inform other family members and relatives about the timings arranged for ghusl, janazah prayer, etc.


It is vital that the responsible person respects our advice and guidance because we have the experience and know-how of what to do and what not to do, for e.g if the distance to the hospital, ghusl facility or cemetery is far then we will be better placed to give advice on timings. Decisions will need to be taken quickly, so the co-operation of the family is required. However we will be flexible and try to accommodate the wishes of the family throughout the process.

We strongly recommend at least 4 family members (same gender as the deceased) be present for the washing of the deceased.


The person appointed by the family to deal with the funeral will be the person we will liaise with about important decisions that need to be made during the day, if these have not previously been discussed at the office. This person will have to then pass on all information to family and friends involved.


It is vital the family understands we must make haste in burying the deceased and all necessary legal paperwork need to be available beforehand in order to transport the body. 


We will ask the family which cemetery they prefer to use.(only residents of Waltham Forest can be buried in Folly Lane Cemetery.)

The charge for our service is £325.00.

The cost of the plot at

1.  Folly Lane Cemetery (Waltham Forest Muslim Burial Trust, Folly Lane, London, E4 8TX) fees is £1000 (only if deceased resided in Waltham Forest).

2. Gardens Of Peace Cemetery is £3250 (for an adult) – Please check their website for full details at


The fee will cover all Kafn (shroud), transportation in our purpose built hearse (within M25), and ghusl. We will also ensure timber is given for the graves.

If facilities permit, we can offer the mosque for the funeral prayer and for the Imam to lead this. If this is held at the cemetery we may not always be able to offer this.


MIWA members should note that their membership fee does not cover funeral costs. However we will provide advice to MIWA members regarding funerals.


The area covered by the Noor Ul Islam Funeral Service is mainly Waltham Forest and surrounding areas. If the deceased is from outside of Waltham Forest and we feel that by taking on the funeral unnecessary delays will occur, for e.g collecting the body from a far off hospital and then bringing it to our premises for ghusl and then taking it back to a cemetery that is far, then we will ask the family to contact another funeral director that is closer to them.


We do not repatriate deceased to another country nor do we bury the body in a coffin.


We offer the complete service that is transportation, Ghusl, contacting cemetery, Kafn, Timbers etc. Unfortunately we do not offer a part funeral service (eg. only arrange transportation, for someone else then to continue with the funeral).


Tuesday & Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Taking place in 135 Dawlish Road, London E10 6QW


Visit the Scouts website for dates, times and more information on:


The scouts is a faith based organisation established in 1909 and is known throughout the world. It was with great pleasure then that in 2009, a Muslim scout group was formed at Noor Ul Islam. Officially known as 1st Waltham Forest South, the group was established on key principles – to develop future leaders, to establish Islam in the hearts of our youth and to create ambassadors for our faith.


Scouting presented a wonderful opportunity for children to gather and engage in both learning and fun based activities, in an Islamic atmosphere. As they engage, they earn badges to place on their uniforms. This helps them to have a sense of achievement for their efforts. Scouting aims for the children to develop physically, mentally and spiritually.


We have three terms per year with breaks that coincide with the school holidays and Ramadhan. All sessions begin with the children forming a circle and reciting Quran.


At present there are four sections (beavers, cubs, boys scouts and girls scouts). Highlights throughout the year include camping (fun for all ages and something most children will do for the first time), scouts contribution to the summer fete, trips arranged for each group each term (for example to the Science Museum, the Planetarium, the London Central Mosque and others). There are also popular treks through woodland and forests – often with muddy results!


Some of the most loved sessions include the pre-Ramadhan and Hajj session. Other sessions include activities such as cooking, DIY, physical activities and creativity. Special visits from the Mayor of Waltham Forest, scouting dignitaries and the emergency services (planned of course!) are also highlights. At the end of the term there are award ceremonies that parents attend to see their children receive the badges.


The Noor ul Islam Scouts group itself relies on volunteers who give up their time, for the sake of the community and the children – to help build a future for our community with Islam firm in our hearts. May Allah bless and preserve them.

Women's Group

Wednesday Quran classes – Every Wednesday morning.


Noor Ul Islam Women Group was formed many years ago to meet the need of women in the local community.


They are very active in supporting Noor Ul Islam with services and fundraising


They run Classes in English and Urdu every Wednesday between 10:00am to 12:00pm


If you would like to attend, just drop in and speak to the sisters.