Welcome to our Primary School


Welcome to Noor ul Islam Primary School, a vibrant, single-form entry Muslim faith school in the heart of Waltham Forest.  


At Noor ul Islam we value each child individually and aim wholeheartedly to inspire them to achieve excellence in their learning and Islamic character, enriching and serving wider society.


As such, we work tirelessly to cultivate a school environment which breeds a natural and lifelong desire for education Рboth moral and academic. 


We work together in true partnership with all stakeholders to  ensure students leave Noor-ul-Islam primary school spiritually happy and eager to engage and contribute to the diverse community and wider world that we are blessed to be a part of. 


Our aim for each child that enters our school is to provide the foundation and tools to become good, active citizens who embrace their individuality and celebrate their faith. We model an approach of fairness and sincerity to meet this aim.


We are very excited to invite you to our school and show you our special community! 

About Us

In the year 2000, parents of children attending Noor ul Islam Pre-School were anxious to ensure their children continued to receive primary education embedded within an Islamic Ethos. The trustees at Noor ul Islam Trust considered their request and agreed that it was Noor Ul Islam Trust’s aim to open a Primary School. 


The Primary school opened 1st September 2001 with 96 pupils attending Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2. The plan was to have a new intake of Reception pupils each year with pupils remaining until the end of Year 6. 


To accommodate this plan, a mezzanine floor was built by the Trust in 2002 and later on the building behind the school was purchased to provide an annexe with an extra classroom. This gave the school the seven classes it needed to become a complete one form entry Primary School, with facilities for over 160 pupils. 


Our school has grown from strength to strength and is now a fully functioning hub for learning with various facilities. This growth has coincided with the development of Noor ul Islam Trust, in particular the Masjid, which is undertaking an ambitious ‚ÄėProject Rebuild‚Äô scheme to regenerate the Masjid at 715 High Road Leyton, into a central hub for the community. We also hope to expand the school in the future with the growing demands from the local community and further afield.


The Primary School is registered with the local authority and with Ofsted. 


Islam at the centre of education

We strongly believe in providing a safe environment where an Islamic ethos is promoted throughout. Our aim is to ensure that each individual child fulfils their true academic potential.

Taking management seriously

Governors and staff at the school are dedicated to ensuring pupils achieve the best academic standards and more importantly that they have the best Islamic manners.

Promoting good character values

Our pupils live in the UK and we want them to actively take part in making this country a better place. Therefore pupils are taught a sense of responsibility and independence from an early age.

Giving children an equal chance

We want our pupils to demonstrate to those around them that they can compete with their peers and excel in what they do. But more importantly we want our pupils to have the best Islamic Character and to have ‘Taqwa’ (a balance of fear and hope) in Allaah (SWT) at all times. This will give them success and benefit the community at large.


All our staff have relevant qualifications and experience working with children. When recruiting new staff we follow safer recruitment procedures, and ensure the staff we employ are cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to work with children.

Our Staff Team 2023-2024


The Governing Board consists of those appointed by the Noor Ul Islam Trust, parents of pupils currently attending the school, co-opted community governors who do not have children in the school, the Headteacher and a staff member.


Governors have statutory duties by which they are legally bound. The board is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the school including teaching and learning, safeguarding, health and safety, staffing, premises and ensuring financial accountability. Governors play a strategic role; the head teacher is responsible for leading the school on a day-to-day basis.


Our duties include:

· Setting strategic direction, policies and objectives

· Approving the school budget

· Appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher


Governors work closely with the headteacher and the senior leadership team to ensure that the school continues to improve and develop in all facets. Governors do this by working together to develop a long-term vision for the school as well as school development plans.


Governors information for website

The proprietor and governors hold leaders to account effectively. They make sure that the school complies with schedule 10 of the Equality Act 2010. The proprietor ensures that the school meets all the independent school standards and the statutory requirements of the early years foundation stage.

(Ofsted 2022)

The correspondence address of the chair of governing board, Ms Zeenat Ali:

135 Dawlish Road, Leyton, London.  E10 6QW, Phone: 020 8558 0786 (Option 2), Email: primary.school@noorulislam.org.uk



Below are the details of the proprietor of Noor Ul Islam Primary School.

Mr Yusuf Hansa, 711-723 High Road, Leyton, London, E10 5AB, 020 8558 0786, enquiries@noorulislam.org.uk


Fundraising and Charity

We hold many fundraising activities for the trust, for the school and other charities. In the school we have a weekly “Friday charity” where the children can give support to charities such as Children with cancer UK, Unicef, The honeypot children‚Äôs charity, Shelter, Walthamforest Age UK, Macmillan Cancer support, Charity right, Lonely orphans. We have also participated in Shoebox for Syria and similar collections for Palestine and other countries in need. We sent a box with unused school books to a school in need in Africa.

Future Plans

Insha’Allah we plan to build on the solid foundations that have been set over the last 21 years in the Primary School by providing secondary level education for our pupils. This is an aim for the Governors and Trustees for the school and we hope to make major strides forward over the next few years towards establishing that goal.

We ask for your dua’s and continued support to be able to continue with the noble task of educating our children and future generations insha’Allah.