”At Noor Ul Islam, school was more than the classrooms! The world was our oyster: we went on spectacular school trips and did extracurricular activities such as a residential camping trip, Gilwell Park, which helped us develop confidence, independence and problem-solving abilities. From museum, to zoos to theme parks, we have been to them all. 

During my time at Noor Ul Islam I managed to memorise 7 Juz of the Quran, Alhamdulillah thanks to my Islamic Studies Ustaads and Ustaadas. I also learnt some Arabic and Qassasul- Anbiya- the stories of the Prophets and Sahabah and the sublime Seerah of the Prophet (SAW.) I hope Noor Ul Islam continues in its success and it has made me the person I am today because this school is not just a school, it’s a family.” 

Rahmah Salahuddin, 12, ex-student