About Us

For all the community


Noor ul Islam opened in 1990 as a prayer space providing daily prayer facilities for the local community. Since then we have grown from strength to strength providing a safe and welcoming community space for all.


We now run a pre-school (rated Outstanding by Ofsted), a full time Primary School, adult education classes, football sessions, a Scouts section, health projects and advisory services. We also support supplementary classes for children.


Currently Noor Ul Islam is building a brand new complex that will house a number of new services to benefit the whole community – what we call “Project Rebuild”.

So what is Noor Ul Islam about?


Noor Ul Islam is run by Muslims and is focussed on bettering the lives of those living locally and further afield. We aim to provide educational, social and welfare services to the whole community – not just Muslims.


We work with many organisations including the local authority, police and local hospital. By collaborating with others, we can signpost to and be referred to by external organisations, avoiding duplication of services already on offer. We are also active members of the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques.


Noor Ul Islam is working hard to promote the true image of Islam to others, especially at this time, when there is confusion amongst some people as to what the faith teaches Muslims. At the same time, we encourage Muslims to actively participate in life in the UK while maintaining their Islamic identity and values. We believe Muslims have a lot to offer to improve everyone’s lives.


At the forefront of what we do is deliver good quality education, with an aim to provide services throughout the various life stages. Islam teaches us to help others. We therefore provide charitable aid to those in needs as well as seek to improve the quality of life for those living in poverty.