Perfecting your prayer

Perfecting your prayer

What does your prayer look like? Attaining Khushoo in Salaah is a life long mission, and will ultimately take your prayer from just a few simple movements into an incredibly beautiful, spiritually nourishing experience. This can be a slow process and we should be making continuous efforts to improve our prayer over time so that it not only pleases Allah and earns us more rewards, but so its positive benefits can manifest throughout our everyday lives.

Attaining Khushoo

How we approach our prayers matters. We share some tips on how to improve your prayer:

  1. Make ṣalaah an event- How you approach and prepare for salaah is important.
  2. Make wuḍhu properly – it is an act of worship that leads you into the prayer and puts you in the right mindset.
  3. Pray at the time of prayer- Plan your life around salah timings and not the other way around.
  4. Dress appropriately- The Prophet (Pbuh) had clothes for the masjid.
  5. Be mindful. When you feel that your thoughts have drifted, remind yourself to come back to the present moment.
  6. Remove distractions- Sit quietly and allow your thoughts to dissipate as you mentally prepare for your meeting with Allah.
  7. Understand what you are saying- Ṣalaah is about reflection and pondering. This can only be done when you truly appreciate and understand what you are saying.
“The first thing the people will be accountable for on the Day of Judgment is prayer. Allah will say to His angels (even though He already knows): “Look at my servant’s prayers. Were they complete or not?” If they were complete, it will be written as complete. If they were not fully complete Allah will say: “See if my servant has voluntary prayers”. If he has them, Allah will say: “Complete his obligatory prayers shortage with his voluntary prayers.” Then the rest of his deeds will be dealt with in the same manner.” (Ahmad)

Quality check your prayer

Use this short checklist to help improve the quality of your prayer. Take that step to offer your five daily prayers with sincerity, focus and presence of heart so that over time the quality of your prayer improves.