Qurbani 2024 Round-Up

Qurbani 2024 Round-Up

Through your kindness, we were able to provide meat to countless families, ensuring their Eid is filled with dignity and happiness. Your contribution not only honours the spirit of sacrifice but also strengthens the bonds of our Muslim communities, fostering a sense of unity and compassion.


Thank you for being a part of this noble cause and for making a meaningful difference in the lives of many. Noor Ul Islam is deeply appreciative of your support and commitment to helping others around the world this Eid.

Thanks to your generosity and the support of our incredible community, we raised £27,387 worth of orders for Qurbani this year! This was from 696 Qurbani (either Sheep/Goat) or part of a large animal (cow/buffalo), which means over 10,000 individuals would have benefitted from your kindness and selflessness!




This remarkable achievement is a testament to the collective spirit of giving and compassion within growing Muslim communities!




May Allah SWT bless, reward and accept our donations/contributions, Ameen!