Aalimiyyah Course


Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) has favoured us greatly by conveying the message of Allah Almighty and fulfilling his obligation by guiding this Ummah. He then Left the Ummah with two guidelines: Qur’an and his Sunnah.

The Ulama being the heirs of the prophet have under taken the responsibility and continued to endure this important task. Since the Shariah, the Law of Allah, is encompassing of all the facets of our daily Life, they should therefore also be our guides in all aspects of Life. The more equipped they are the stronger this Ummah will be. It is due to this, the preservation and dissemination of this Legacy that gives rise to the establishment of many Islamic institutes.

The community in Waltham forest was in need of an organisation that can provide a comprehensive and extensive understanding of Islam. In response to this, Noor Ul Islam provided the platform to kindle the beacon of knowledge through the Mercy of Allah Almighty.

Noor Ul Islam Aalimiyyah department was established in 2004 for women aged 16 and over. Alhumdulillah, with 79 graduates till date and lnsha Allaah many more to come in the future. It has attracted many students from far and wide and it’s perfect for those who want to study at an advanced level. 

We want all the Muslim women who study at Noor Ul Islam to have high self-esteem and confidence to play a positive and inclusive role in their communities, to be good Muslimas and exemplary citizens.

The Noor Ul Islam masjid is going through a major rebuilding process. The masjid and centre will be over four floors with the top floor dedicated for sisters only. This is where the ‘Aalimiyyah department will have many classrooms insha Allaah.

Our Vision

*To have a generation of scholars who are able to Lead the Muslim community in the Light of the shariah in each and every aspect of Life.


*To ensure that they incorporate, within themselves, the values and practices of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and those of the great Leaders who succeeded him (may Allaah be pleased with them).


Through this, those shared values and esteemed qualities will be seen to survive the passage of time and, in turn, be active/ existent in our Lives today.

Aims and Objectives

Our objective is to equip students to become firmly grounded in their religion and to ensure that they are able to cater for the needs of the community by creating such an enhanced Learning environment where a student feels confident enough to study independently and pass on this knowledge. As a result, they can go on to serve as role models and professional scholars for the generation to come. We want all the Muslim women who study at Noor Ul Islam to have high self-esteem and confidence to play a positive and inclusive role in their communities, to be good Muslimas and exemplary citizens.

About the course

The 5-Year ‘Aalimiyyah course offered by Noor Ul Islam is a multi-disciplinary course covering the Islamic Sciences to develop a sound understanding of Islamic law and theology supported by a full command in the Arabic language. The course has been carefully designed and structured to give a through and deep understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic sciences.

The course also maintains the traditional system of ljazah upon graduation, which is permission from the teacher to the students to transmit knowledge. Every scholar is then part of an unbroken chain of transmission leading back to the Messenger of Allah ‘(Peace and blessings be upon him).

It will equip students with thorough knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah, a deep understanding of the juristic laws governing a Muslim’s Life, and great appreciation of the works of our pious predecessors, providing students with motivation to excel similarly in the field of knowledge.

Why choose us?

Noor ul Islam trust has been offering the ‘Aalimiyyah Course over 17 years, with 79 graduates to date. Many of whom have gone on to serve the community in different capacities both in the UK and abroad.

The team consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers some of whom have undergone iftaa training.

The course has been designed in a way that students are able to progress academically as well as actualise the knowledge learnt in example and practise, in the form of well-adapted tarbiyah sessions on a weekly basis. This provides spiritual nourishment and allows one to focus on self-rectification, the fundamental objective in Life and a core value of Noor Ul Islam Aalimiyyah.

Whether one wishes to serve the community professionally as scholars, Leaders, and teachers or simply expand on their Islamic knowledge, the ‘Aalimiyyah Course at Noor ul Islam offers a remarkable journey on the Legacy of the beloved Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon him).

Support us

Madaris are a fundamental need for the Muslim ummah. Especially institutes where the young generation can gain the in-depth knowledge of Islam. Inshaa Allaah it will equip the students to guard themselves and our future generations from the evil of the shaytaan and his plots.


The Aalimah department is struggling with the cost to the extent that can’t break it even. As you may be aware Noor Ul Islam already has a rebuild project and are desperate to complete our new masjid and centre. We desperately need your support to keep us afloat and implore you to donate generously to help us carry on with spreading this beneficial knowledge of Islam.


It’s an amazing source of Sadaqah Jariyah which will benefit you, your loved ones and thousands of people who will benefit in days and years to come inshaa Allaah. Many of the students who graduated go into full time teaching in the UK and also other countries. Imagines the reward you could gain for every bit of knowledge they teach and then in turn when their students become teachers and the same carries on for generations to come Inshaa Allaah.

We are looking for sponsors to donate on a regular basis as well as those who can do it on an ad-hoc basis. 100% of the money will be spent on running the Aalimah department. Please become a sponsor yourself and advise others to join in and gain immense rewards.


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