March 2023

Ramadan 2023 in the new building

Although not yet fully complete, we have been able to use the building for jummah and taraweeh.

May 2021

Pictures of Masjid with scaffolding removed

January 2021

We are now reaching an important stage in our project. Alhamdulillah the building is now watertight with brickwork and roof work all but complete. A dome will eventually sit on the glass roof.


With Covid-19 a lot of planning and discussions have taken place on the recommencement of building work and fundraising. This next stage is crucial with our builders set to complete the Mechanical and Electrical work around the building. Once this is done we will then start work on the rest of the internal work, including plumbing, fixtures and furnishing.


We are planning for work to restart very soon and request your dua’s and support so our new building can open very soon.

February 2020

Ongoing Roof work

December 2019

Noor Ul Islam Drone footage of new building – Dec 2019

November 2019

July 2019

May 2019

Some pictures on how the masjid will look like during the day and night time when it is completed

October 2018

Roof is now completed except for the Dome and Minaret.


The glazing is currently going on in phases. 

August 2018

During the month of August we are hoping that the following building jobs will be completed in our new building:


  • Roof finishes
  • Finishing where the Lift Shaft and Staircase tower meets the roof.
  • The Curved Wall will be rendered
  • Windows and Rooflight installations completed
  • Wind catchers and sun pipes (for ventilation and natural light) finished
  • Checking (snagging) of Glass blocks, zinc work and external brickwork.

July 2018

Pictures of progress to the Roof.

  1. Sealing the roof with tar.

  2. Laying down the insulation blocks.

  3. Placing the paving slabs on the insulation blocks.

  4. Exterior walls being rendered and window frames being placed.

  5. Wind catchers and sun pipes

Project Estimated Cost: £12.5 million

Project Spend so far     : £7.5 million   (raised through donations and loans)

Remaining to be raised: £5million
(as at November 2019)

June 2018

Sealing the Roof 

April 2018


February 2018

Updated Floor Plan

1st floor and 2nd floor

January 2018

October 2017


September 2017

May 2017

Building Progress on Second¬†Floor “Sisters Area” and Roof metal work being erected.

Roof Metal Beam Support being erected                                                                  Roof Metal Work inspection by Project Manager

Area where the Dome will be erected just above

February 2017

Basement works progressing (drainage, lighting etc)


Ground floor area which includes the main entrance.


Café and reception undergoing temporary lighting installation in preparation for brick walls


First floor Masjid area being cleaned and prepared for block work walls and external brick


Second floor sisters area work ongoing for steel beam structure for roof work

October 2016

June 2016

The pictures below gives you an indication how the work is progressing Alhamdulillah. We have currently spent approximately £4 million so far and we need anothet £4 million to complete the project.


Your donations, duahs and support is very much needed for the work to progress at a good pace.

April 2016

Building work is progressing well, Alhamdulillah. However in order for us to complete the first floor and floor of the second floor we URGENTLY need your duas and financial help. Please do consider donating money to cover one prayer space. You can donate by phoning 020 8558 0786 (option 1), in person at 717-723 High Road, London E10 5AB or online here: https://www.charitycheckout.co.uk/1017780/donate


Please help Noor Ul Islam with whatever help you can.

March 2016

Alhamdulillah work on the Second floor has started. Whilst the other floors are not complete, the hope is that the structure (all flooring, roof shape…) will be completed by this Ramadhan!!


As ever we need your duas and donations.

February 2016

Work on the first floor is progressing well and preparations for the second floor has also commenced.

January 2016

Alhamdulillah the Basement flooring is done, as is the flooring on the ground floor!!

Work has already commenced on the first floor. The next stage of work (1st and 2nd floor flooring) will be done in phases, starting off with the front of the building.


The plan is that the main structure (shell) will be up within the next 7 months insha Allaah. Please donate whatever you can to this project.

December 2015

This exciting video merges the current buildings work with the plans for our new building!

November 2015

Great progress made over the past few weeks, Alhamdulillah!

October 2015

Work in progressing really well, thanks to the kind donations of our supporters.


Pictures below show how the work is getting on!

September 2015

Alhamdulillah we have been receiving donations and Karse Hasana (interest free loans) which have allowed us to continue with the building work. The viewing gallery on the side has allowed our regular users and worshipers to monitor development everyday, including how the concrete flooring for the basement is being worked on.

August 2015

Construction on the basement and ground floors base and structures have begun in earnest.
The foundation steel and setting of concrete slabs are now in progress. The basement flooring should be completed in the next few months.
Planning is continuing for the rest of the project including the ground floor. 
Appeals were launched for funds to finance the construction of the 1st floor area, prayer areas, wudhu facilities, funeral facilties and the carpets. These appeals were detailed on our first ever live TV appeals during Ramadhan on Islam Channel Urdu and Channel S.

July 2015

We are now reaching a crucial stage of Project Rebuild. Construction on the basement and ground floors base and structures are about to start and will take around six months to complete. Please remember us in your duas.

Appeal updates:


Our brick appeal has been successfully completed, with the financing of 78000 bricks.


Our Foundation appeal, requesting £750 for every sq mt of the foundations is close to complete with only 49 shares remaining.


This Ramadhan we have launch the first floor (prayer area) £250 appeal. With 2000 shares @ £250 each, we hope to raise £500,000. So far we have already received donations for 268 shares, Alhamdulillah.

June 2015

Excavation work almost complete! Although the Trust will be busy with Ramadhan arrangements building work continues as normal.


Most shares have been taken for the foundation and we have almost reached our target for the cost of 78,000 bricks!

May 2015

Alhamdulillah Excavation work has started. As our new building will insha Allaah have a basement, a lot of soil is being taken away.


Our Foundation Appeal is getting closer to our target. We have 1100 sq metres to cover and so far we have received money to finance 996 sq metres!  We need another £78,000, after raising £747,000.


The Bricks appeal is also going well with 61,000 bricks paid for, out of 78,000. We only have £22,500 outstanding!

April 2015

Where the old Noor Ul Islam once stood has now been demolished and the ground flattened so a new building can be built.

February 2015

Brick appeal has begun. We need to buy 78,000 bricks for our re-build project.

January 2015

Part of the foundation work is taking place

December 2014

Demolition has began and clear out of the old building is taking place.

November 2014

The site which was used for over 20 years as a centre point of many of Noor Ul Islam’s great work is now being demolished, rebuilt and expanded into a new Masjid and multi-purpose centre.

October 2014

The demolition work of the current buildings from 711-715 High Road Leyton has begun and is progressing well Alhumdulillah. Below are some pictures of the current work taking place:

September 2014

Project Rebuild New Expansion Walk Through 

Temporary Location 717-723 High Road Leyton

May 2014

April 2014

Inside temporary prayer area

March 2014

Plans to move to our temporary home is taking shape. The portakabin will house the Trust’s office, Preschool and other services insha Allaah whilst demolition and construction work takes place.

February 2014

There has been a lot of work taking place at 717 High Road to prepare Noor Ul Islam for the move to its temporary home. Water, gas and electricity work has been taking place on the new large mobile unit and the existing building. The foundation appeal also continues with people being asked to donate money to finance the foundations and basement of the new building.

January 2014

Following the successful Charity Dinner held on 7th December at the Walthamstow Assembly Hall, where over £70,000 was pledged and raised for project rebuild, Noor Ul Islam is continuing with the Foundation Appeal.


The basement of the new building will cover 1100 sq m insha Allaah. To raise money, we are requesting the sponsorship of each square metre at a cost of £750. Those donating £750 (or multiples of) will have their name on a banner and a certificate will be issued, if they agree. You can even donate in the name of a loved one. An anonymous donation of over £12,000 was received for Project Build helping us movetowards the target of £825,000 in total, Alhamdulillah!

December 2013

Alhumdulillah  the balance of £250,000 on the land and building at 717-723 High Road has been paid off to the previous owners!


The Trust has now launched an appeal to raise money for the foundations and basement of the new building. The basement will cover an area of 1100sq metres. We are asking people to donate £750 to cover part of the cost of one sq metre (or of course donate for multiple sq meteres!). If agreed, donors names will go onto a banner and a certificate will be issued. You can even donate in the name of a loved one.


For more information, please phone 020 8558 0786.

August 2013

Alhumdulillah  £60,007.54 was raised at the Summer Fete, may Allah reward all those who helped to make the event a huge success. So far we have received £770 in standing orders per month for Project Rebuild which is equal to £9,240 for the whole year. This Ramadhan we launched an appeal with the aim of each person donating £500 towards Project Rebuild and Alhumdulilah a total of 231 people responded to this appeal. This along with donations of less than £500 plus £5,787 through online donations meant that by the 29th of Ramadhan, we raised £160,896.50. £114,700.00 was also collected as Qarze Hasana. Collectively this amount will be used to pay towards the outstanding balance of £250,000 of our purchase of 717-723 High Road which is due in September 2013.


Work towards the temporary building at 717-723 High Road will start this month (August 2013) InshaAllah. An order has been placed for the Portakabin and this will be erected by the end of August/mid September inshaAllah. The old portakabin which was used by the Pre school staff will be removed from the yard.The order for the new marquee will be placed by the end of August inshaAllah. The aim is to have it up and in place by October 2013.


Work on the new build should commence in April 2014. The plan is to demolish and rebuild our properties at 711, 713 and 715 High Road Leyton so that we have one purpose built complex InshaAllah.

April 2013

We now have an animated fly-by clip from our architect of how the Noor Ul Islam new building could look like. Clearance has begun at the back of 717 High Road to make way for the temporary building. Preparation for the toilets and wudhu facilities is also under way.


So far by the grace of Allah £57,287.76 has been raised for the project through fundraising, standing orders and appeals. We still have along way to go but with your duas, involvement and co-operation we are sure to reach our target InshaAllah.

March 2013

Noor Ul Islam held a special event on the 3rd March to mark the launch of the ‚ÄėProject Rebuild‚Äô campaign. Junaid Jamshed performed a nasheed and gave some beautiful reminders. Alhumdulilah the total collected on the day was ¬£3,059.09 and ¬£18,265 was pledged. ¬£220 will be donated monthly by standing order. The event was hosted by Br Rizwan from the Islam channel and those attending were given the opportunity to view a detailed presentation on how the building will look.

February 2013

On Sunday 3rd March, from 1:15pm to 3pm, Noor Ul Islam holds a special event with Junaid Jamshed. The event also marks the official launch of the Noor Ul Islam ‚ÄúProject Rebuild‚ÄĚ campaign, raising awareness and money to rebuild a new complex on our existing site and will be hosted by Rizwan Hussain, insha Allaah.

January 2013

Before rebuilding can begin,  Noor Ul Islam will need to move to temporary accommodation in order for the community to continue having prayer facilities and so that many of our services can continue, albeit in a different location. With this in mind, we applied for a temporary 2 storey portakabin and marques in the land adjacent to our main site. Alhamdulillah the local authority approved these plans in January 2013. This will insha Allaah mean that many services will continue whilst the construction of the main site takes place.

December 2012

Following the successful planning application to rebuild the main Noor Ul Islam site, we also sent  a temporary planning application for 717-723 High Road Leyton (formally known as the builders yard) has been sent to the council and is awaiting approval. Once approved, a temporary building will be erected and the Head office, Jammaat prayers and some of the other important services that Noor Ul Islam provides will be moved into it.


717-723 was bought for £1.1 million of which £850 000 has been paid, however £250 000 is still owed as qarse hasana which needs to be paid by August 2013.