Pre-school news

Pre-school news

Congratulations to Sr Amina from our Pre-school for qualifying as an Early Years Teacher.

Here is a short message from Sr Hawa, our Pre-school manager:

We are pleased to congratulate Sr Amina from our pre-school team on qualifying as an Early Years Teacher (EYTS)! Masha’Allah it has taken a lot of sacrifice, perseverance, and a strong commitment to raise standards for our Muslim children to achieve the post graduate qualification whilst working and raising a family.

When asked what inspired her to undertake the qualification, Sr Amina said:
“After working in education for almost 15 years, of which 7 years was in the Early Years, I finally decided to take up the EYTS as I saw the need to raise the quality of early years provision, team development, and improving children’s life chances in Islamic educational settings.
After starting the training there were many challenges due to the pandemic as well as personal issues. Alhamdulillah despite all that I managed to complete it!
I would like to now invest my time and expertise back into Islamic education, with the hope I can shape and have an impact on some positive changes at Noor Ul Islam.
I would like to thank Noor Ul Islam for facilitating my training and also my colleagues for supporting me throughout the journey.”

May Allah (swt) accept her intentions to help raise the standards of teaching for our children, and help her realise her goals, ameen. We look forward to working with her to improve and progress the quality of education at our pre-school insha’Allah.

Pre-school teacher and children