Post Ramadan advice

Post Ramadan advice

Ramadan Advice

A Reminder by Imam Ebrahim Surti

In Ramadan we increased our good deeds and establish good habits– as there are fewer distractions. We build up good acts for us to continue out of Ramadan.

However, maintaining these good acts after Ramadan can be difficult and the only way of keeping up such good deeds is through istiqama.

After the month of Ramadan the motivation and enthusiasm that we were experiencing from our friends and family i.e. by visiting the mosque regularly or by attending Islamic events, starts to decline. This makes it essential for us to remain steadfast.

Steadfastness in Islam is Istiqamah- to hold fast to something or to act faithfully to a particular way.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

Say, “I believe in Allah and then stay straight.”

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was able to convey so much meaning in such few words.

Have steadfastness so that when Ramadan comes around again we are ready to worship Allah better than ever before.