Muharram, The Sacred Month

Muharram, The Sacred Month

What is special about the month of Muharram?

Muharram is one of the four sacred months in the Islamic calendar (Dhul Qa’dah, Dhul Hijjah and Rajab being the other three).

Allah says about the sacred months:

Indeed, the number of months ordained by Allah is twelve—in Allah’s Record since the day He created the heavens and the earth—of which four are sacred. That is the Right Way. So do not wrong one another during these months. And together fight the polytheists as they fight against you together. And know that Allah is with those mindful ˹of Him˺. (At-Tawbah 9:36)

Muharram marks the beginning of the Islamic year. It is one of the four sacred months. Allah (SWT) warns us from doing injustice to ourselves during these months. Qatadah said about Allah’s statement, (so do not wrong one another 9:36),

Injustice during the Sacred Months is worse and graver than injustice in other months. Verily, injustice is always wrong, but Allah makes things graver than others as He will. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

Punishments for performing sins in these months are magnified and rewards for good deeds are magnified.

Ibn Abbas (ra) said, ‘In all (twelve) months, Allah then chose four out of these months and made them sacred, emphasising their sanctity, making sinning in them greater, in addition to multiplying the rewards of righteous deeds during them’. (Tafsir Ibn Katheer)

How can we take advantage of the opportunities in which Allah’s mercy descends in extra abundance?  With the right intention, every action can become an opportunity for reward!


We should fast as much as we can throughout Muharram, as the Prophet (S) said:

The best of fasting after Ramadan is fasting Allah’s month of Muharram. (Muslim)
The Bani Israel were saved from the Pharaoh by the parting of the sea. Musa (AS) fasted on the Day of Ashura as a sign of gratitudeUpon hearing this, the Prophet (S) decided to fast and informed his companions to fast this day too. Ashura falls on the 10th of Muharram, so it is recommended to fast this day in gratitude to Allah, the Most High. It is also recommended to fast on the 9th or 11th of Muharram as well. 
Ibn Abbas reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, came to Medina and he found the Jews fasting on the Day of Ashura. The Prophet said, “What is this day you are fasting?” They said, “This is a great day in which Allah saved Moses and his people, and he drowned Pharaoh and his people. Moses fasted on it due to gratitude, so we also fast on it.” The Prophet said, “We are more deserving and are closer to Moses than you.” The Prophet fasted the Day of Ashura and he commanded fasting on it. (Bukhari)

We can also try to fast Mondays and Thursdays, or the three white days (13th, 14th, 15th).

Seek Forgiveness 

Since sins are heavier in Muharram, this should be a time for seeking forgiveness from Allah (SWT). 

Abu Dharr reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Allah Almighty says: Whoever comes with a good deed will have the reward of ten like it and even more. Whoever comes with an evil deed will be recompensed for one evil deed like it or he will be forgiven. Whoever draws close to me by the length of a hand, I will draw close to him by the length of an arm. Whoever draws close to me the by length of an arm, I will draw close to him by the length of a fathom. Whoever comes to me walking, I will come to him running. Whoever meets me with enough sins to fill the earth, not associating any idols with me, I will meet him with as much forgiveness.” (Muslim)
Make Dua 

Dua is a form of worship too.  The Prophet (S) said:

“Supplication is the essence of worship.” Then, the Prophet recited the verse, “Your Lord says: Call upon Me and I will respond to you. Verily, those who disdain My worship will enter Hell in humiliation.” (40:60)

Muharram, and the Day of Ashura in particular, is a great time to give to charity. Not only will your reward be multiplied, but the Prophet (S) also described how your charitable deeds mean more on this blessed day:

“On the authority of ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin al-‘As (may Allah be pleased with both of them) that he said, “Whoever fasts ‘Ashura’ it is as if he has fasted the entire year. And whoever gives charity this day it is like the charity of an entire year”. (Ibn Rajab’s Lata’if al-Ma‘arif)

Giving sadaqah also removes your sins and stands in the way of calamity.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said to me, "Do not withhold your money, (for if you did so) Allah would withhold His blessings from you." (Bukhari)

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