How to Perform Ablution (Wudu)

How to Perform Ablution (Wudu)

Performing wudu is the first and crucial step of Salah, and it is an act of worship in and of itself, thus it is critical to get it right. Be especially careful not to waste water, and remember that your wudu wipes away minor sins.


Whether you’re performing wudu for the first time or just want to refresh your memory, our step-by-step instructions make it simple.


An important part of performing wudu is to make an intention (niyyah). Intend in your heart to perform wudu.


Start by saying, ‘Bismillah’.


Hands should be properly washed up to the wrist three times.


Rinse your mouth three times, swirling the water around, and then rinse your nose three times, blowing out the water with your left hand to clear it.

Wash your face three times, from the hairline to the chin and from ear to ear, ensuring that the entire face, brows, beneath the nose, and lips are clean. A man should wash the hair on his beard. If his beard is thin, he should ensure that water reaches the skin, while if it is thick, he should wash the surface and rub his wet fingers through it.

Wash your arms and hands three times, starting from your fingertips and ending at your elbows. Remove anything that might hinder water from reaching the skin, such as nail polish, dirt, or paint.

Wipe your head from front to back, starting with your hands at the front and working your way back up. A woman must wipe from the front of her head to the roots at the nape of her neck. She does not need to wipe the full length of her hair.


Place your index fingers in your ears and use your thumbs to wipe the backs. It is best to use fresh water for this.


Wash your feet three times, up to the ankles, then wipe in between your toes with your little finger. Don’t neglect the backs of your ankles.


We Praise Allah SWT for allowing us to complete our Wudu!