Primary School

Noor Ul Islam is an inclusive and happy school. We are very proud of our children’s caring behaviour and attitudes. The respect and kindness they demonstrate daily to each other and everyone around them is wonderful to see. We are proud of the progress they make with their learning and the enthusiastic way they approach their lessons.


We are a Muslim faith-based independent school and have strong and positive links with the local community.We teach our children the National curriculum subjects and supplement this with the extra subjects of Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran.


We have up to 25 children in each year group from Reception through to Year 6. We currently have 160 children enrolled across the school.


Our parents are supportive and very keen for their children to do well. Our children go on to local secondary schools and perform admirably. We are often reminded by secondary schools how pleased they are to have children from our school.


Our logo, the tree, takes time to develop its roots to grow. We aim to provide the children with a firm grounding in what it means to be a member of a diverse and vibrant British society. The real growth will be evident in years to come insha’Allah.

Learning new things in a Muslim environment

Aims & Values

Our mission is to inspire our students to achieve excellence in their learning and Islamic character, enriching and serving wider society.

Islam at the centre of education

We strongly believe in providing a safe environment where an Islamic ethos is promoted throughout. Our aim is to ensure that each individual child fulfils their true academic potential.

Taking management seriously

Governors and staff at the school are dedicated to ensuring pupils achieve the best academic standards and more importantly that they have the best Islamic manners.

Promoting good character values

Our pupils live in the UK and we want them to actively take part in making this country a better place. Therefore pupils are taught a sense of responsibility and independence from an early age.

Giving children an equal chance

We want our pupils to demonstrate to those around them that they can compete with their peers and excel in what they do. But more importantly we want our pupils to have the best Islamic Character and to have ‘Taqwa’ (a balance of fear and hope) in Allaah (SWT) at all times. This will give them success and benefit the community at large.


The Governing Body consists of Trustees of Noor Ul Islam Trust, parents of pupils currently attending the Primary School, Community governors who do not have children in the Primary School and a staff member. The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher also join the governing body for full Board meetings and Sub Committee meetings.


The Governing Body has statutory duties by which they are legally bound. The Governing Body is ultimately responsible for all matters relating to the school including teaching and learning, safeguarding, health and safety, staffing, premises and ensuring financial accountability.


Our legal duties include:-

· setting strategic direction, policies and objectives
· approving the school budget
· reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives
· appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher


Governors work closely with the head teacher and Senior Leadership Team to ensure that the school continues to improve and develop in all facets. Governors do this by working together to develop a long term vision for the school as well as annual school development plans.


The Governors play a strategic role; the head teacher is responsible for leading the school on a day to day basis.


The Full Governing Body meets termly with its detailed work carried out by the Finance and Resource Sub Committee, the Achievements, Standards & Curriculum Sub Committee and the Staff and Pupil Welfare Sub Committee with a similar frequency. 


We have recently appointed Associate Members to the Governing Board. The AM’s will assist the Board at Sub Committee level.

Category of governor; Trustee Governor
Appointed by; Noor Ul Islam
Governor since ; During term of trusteeship

Responsibilities; Chair of Board of Governors

Category of governor; Trust Governor
Appointed by; Governing body
Governor since; 2012
Committee served on; Finance and Resources
Responsibilities; Chair of Finance and Resources Sub Committee

Category of governor; Trust Governor
Appointed by; Governing Body
Governor since; 2011
Committee served on; Staff and Pupil Welfare
Responsibility; Secretary to the Chair

Category of governor; Parent Governor
Appointed by; Governing Body
Governor since; 2012
Committee served on;  Achievement, Standards and Curriculum Sub Committee
Responsibility; Chair of ASC Sub Committee and EYFS Governor

Category of governor; Parent Governor
Appointed by: Governing Body
Governor since; 2014
Commitee served on; Achievement, Standards and Curriculum Sub Committee
Responsibilities; Islamic Ethos Governor and  SEND Governor

Category of governor; External Advisor
Appointed by; Governing Body
Since; 2014
Committee served on; Staff and Pupil Welfare
Responsibilities; Chair of Staff and Pupil Welfare Sub Committee

Category of governor; Community Governor
Appointed by; Governing body
Governor since; April 2018
Committee served on; Finance and Resources
Responsibilities; Safeguarding Lead Governor

Category of governor; Community Governor
Appointed by; Governing Body
Governor since; April 2018
Committee served on; Staff and Pupil Welfare


Senior Leadership
Mr. Majid IshaqueHead TeacherDeputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr. Shahzaman HussainDeputy Head TeacherCurriculum Co-ordinator, E-safety & Anti-bullying Co-ordinator
Class Teachers
Ms. Anisah AmponsaReception Teacher 
Ms. Sadia ButtYear 1 Teacher Year 1 & 2 Phase Leader
Ms. Hafsa RahmanYear 2 Teacher 
Ms. Assia KhanomYear 3 TeacherYear 3 & 4 Phase Leader
Ms. Murrium RazakYear 4 Teacher 
Ms. Reshmi LatifYear 5 Teacher 
Ms. Nusrat AbdoolaYear 6 TeacherYear 5 & 6 Phase Leader
Ms.Seema VawdaIntervention Teacher Year 1 & 2 
Ms. Shahnaz BegumIntervention Teacher Year 3 & 4 
Ms. Lepe BegumIntervention Teacher Year 5 & 6 
Islamic Studies Department
Mr. Issac  Suliman GaneeIslamic Studies – Year 4, 5 & 6Head of Islamic Studies
Mr. Hussain Mulla AhmadIslamic Studies – Year 1, 2 & 3Parental Engagement Champion
Ms. Imrana NazIslamic Studies PT- ReceptionSMSC Champion
Mr. Khaled AhmedHifdh Teacher/Learning Support Assistant 
Support Staff
Ms. Hawabibi MoreeaSENCODesignated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Ms. Seema VawdaYear 1 and 2 Intervention teacherLibrary Champion
Ms. Khadija Ahmed AbdiTA for Reception (Maternity)
Ms. Kawthar KassimTA for Reception 
Office Staff
Ms. Raeesa PatelPA to the Head TeacherRecruitment Champion
Ms. Sabiha UgradarAttendance and Welfare OfficerAttendance Champion
Ms. Sabah MayetEvents and Admin OfficerEvents Champion
Estates Staff
Mr. Gul RawatPremises ManagerHealth & Safety Champion
Ms. Drane MjeshtriPremises Cleaner 
Ms Shehnaz PatelPremises Cleaner 
Midday Assistants
Ms. Shazia RazakMidday 1Midday Supervisor
Ms. Sahira ToonahMidday 2Deputy Midday Supervisor
Ms. Zohra PatelMidday 3 
Ms. Razia ShabirMidday 4 
Ms. Rukhsana MushtaqMidday 5 
Ms. Sajeda PatelMidday Reserve 
Ms. Samina IshaqMidday Reserve 
Ms. Aneeqa AfzalMidday Reserve 
Ms. Uzma AhmedMidday Reserve 
Ms. Ansa NaeemMidday Reserve 


Fundraising is essential to many charities. Without regular donations, they simply wouldn’t be able to function and carry out the outstanding work that they do. Dedicated staff members and volunteers of Noor Ul Islam fundraise for the organisation for various reasons – perhaps because they have been personally affected themselves by the good work that the organisation does, or simply because they want to give something back to their community.


Noor Ul Islam has been established, in the heart of London Borough of Waltham Forest, for more than 25 years, serving the local community in various ways such as providing both secular and religious education, facilitate social gatherings, raising funds other charities and so on. This is done through organising yearly fun days, Hosting family fundraising dinner, welcoming charity and regular donations. In addition, the school holds many fundraising activities for the Trust, the school, and other charities such as Children with cancer UK; Unicef; The honeypot children’s charity; Shelter; Walthamforest Age UK; Macmillan Cancer support; Charity right; Lonely orphans.


To make donations, please click here

Future Plans

Insha’Allah we plan to build on the solid foundations that have been set over the last 17 years in the Primary School by providing secondary level education for our pupils. This is an aim for the Governors and Trustees for the school and we hope to make major strides forward over the next few years towards establishing that goal.


We ask for your dua’s and continued support to be able to continue with the noble task of educating our children and future generations insha’Allah.

Contact Us


135 Dawlish Road
London.  E10 6QW


Phone: 020 8558 0786 (Option 2)