One day’s wage

Can you give us one day's wages this Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan we ask you to give Noor Ul Islam one day’s wages to help complete our fantastic new masjid.

“Ramadan is the month of giving and mercy, and in it Allah blesses the believers with forgiveness and being saved from Hellfire. Therefore, whoever is merciful and giving in Ramadan, Allah will be even more Merciful and Giving, and will bestow upon him countless bounties and blessings.”
Beautiful hearts working together

When communities come together they can do amazing things. Which is why we are giving you the opportunity to come closer to the house of Allah by being a part of it’s establishment. 

From the people that will be granted shade under Allah’s (SWT) throne on a day where there will be no shade but His, is someone whose heart is attached to the mosques. May you be amongst those in His shade.

We ask you to give one day’s earnings from work to our campaign. Simply calculate how much you earn per day using our calculator below and donate to our amazing project.

We suggest 30th April 2021 or any working day in Ramadan

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” [Tirmidhi]

How you can make a difference today

  • Set a reminder for the 30th April on your phone.
  • If you need to work out your wages for the day, you can use our calculator.
  • Once you’ve worked out that magic number, click on the donate button and select donate my wages from the drop down menu, there are many ways to pay.
  • Be sure to let people know about this campaign so that friends, family, and work colleagues can get involved too.

If you work full time, five days a week, find out who much you earn each day by entering your annual salary in the box below


With a yearly salary of £ , the daily pay is £.