Tuesday & Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Taking place in 135 Dawlish Road, London E10 6QW

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The scouts is a faith based organisation established in 1909 and is known throughout the world. It was with great pleasure then that in 2009, a Muslim scout group was formed at Noor Ul Islam. Officially known as 1st Waltham Forest South, the group was established on key principles – to develop future leaders, to establish Islam in the hearts of our youth and to create ambassadors for our faith.

Scouting presented a wonderful opportunity for children to gather and engage in both learning and fun based activities, in an Islamic atmosphere. As they engage, they earn badges to place on their uniforms. This helps them to have a sense of achievement for their efforts. Scouting aims for the children to develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

We have three terms per year with breaks that coincide with the school holidays and Ramadhan. All sessions begin with the children forming a circle and reciting Quran.

At present there are four sections (beavers, cubs, boys scouts and girls scouts). Highlights throughout the year include camping (fun for all ages and something most children will do for the first time), scouts contribution to the summer fete, trips arranged for each group each term (for example to the Science Museum, the Planetarium, the London Central Mosque and others). There are also popular treks through woodland and forests – often with muddy results!

Some of the most loved sessions include the pre-Ramadhan and Hajj session. Other sessions include activities such as cooking, DIY, physical activities and creativity. Special visits from the Mayor of Waltham Forest, scouting dignitaries and the emergency services (planned of course!) are also highlights. At the end of the term there are award ceremonies that parents attend to see their children receive the badges.

The Noor ul Islam Scouts group itself relies on volunteers who give up their time, for the sake of the community and the children – to help build a future for our community with Islam firm in our hearts. May Allah bless and preserve them.