Future Plans

Insha'Allah we plan to build on the solid foundations that have been set over the last seven years. In the pipeline are plans to either establish or continue and consolidate:

    Extend the PTA membership
    An after school club
    Parent literacy and numeracy classes
    Closer secondary school links
    Effective parenting workshops

All of the above are just some of the plans we hope to implement, but as always these can only be achieved through a collective and sustained effort involving all stakeholders.

One of the most frequent queries has been regarding our plans to establish a secondary school. We do feel the need for one as this would ensure that our school mission statement can continue to be built upon. However such an ambitious plan can only be initiated by the community as a whole. The resources, time and energy that would be necessary, require a concerted collective effort on the part of the Muslim community. Noor Ul Islam would be more than happy to play its part in such a community project insha'Allah.

With your dua's and continued support we will be able to continue with the noble task of educating our children and future generations insha'Allah.